At my workplace, concerns over the rise in COVID-19 cases and the new Delta variant, a SARS-CoV-2 mutation that originally surfaced in India, are present in nearly every conversation. Many customers have started wearing masks again, expressing frustration over unvaccinated Americans.

As of July 20th, 2021, 49.2% of the U.S. population is fully vaccinated against COVID-19, and with roughly 62,484 cases added yesterday, fears over new COVID-19 variants have increased the pressure to vaccinate the unvaccinated.

Whether it be through conversations at work, targeted campaigns, such as Olivia Rodrigo’s visit to the White House to encourage youth vaccination (despite COVID…

A protest that seeks to raise awareness and gain support should be like customer service — you’re trying to sell something, convince people of something. But unfortunately, many protests have an adverse effect, as witnessed throughout 2020, where violence and profanities were seen to divide people over various causes.

On October 9th, 2020, a group of students at the University of Wisconsin marched from Camp Randall Stadium to Chancellor Blank’s residence and the University Police Department headquarters.

The march was organized by the University of Wisconsin’s Teaching Assistants’ Association (TAA) and the UW Black and Indigenous People of Color Coalition…

At the start of March 2020, I began journaling daily about events that felt catastrophic. It felt like something big was happening, something scary- the fall of Rome perhaps- and my only defense was to write about it to ensure that it would never be forgotten.

Never before had I witnessed my government institutions take such authoritative measures in the name public health. Everything I thought I knew about freedom in America became twisted. …

Alex P. Meyer

On the first day of class our professor said, “I don’t care for silly introductions. I will get to know you through your writing.” We let out a sigh of relief.

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